Interactive Sculptural Series


Anemoi is a series of four large wind sculptures. Audible and optical manifestations of the air itself.


Personifications of air-in-motion, capable of being rotated on their axes to catch the moment’s airstream and turn it into song. Placed around the globe at the cardinal compass points, each unique sculpture will embody one of the four directional winds named in Greek mythos: Boreas in the North, Eurus in the East, Notos in the South, and Zephyrus in the West. As the kinetic energy of the wind passes through the intricately layered pipes of each sculpture it will whistle, howl, and sing. The ethereal and emotive sounds the Anemoi create will transform an intangible elemental force into a visceral experience.

Standing juxtaposed to their natural surroundings, the Anemoi unites humanity’s inherently contradictory nature. Born from synthetic, forged elements to represent our misguided detachment from the natural world, yet providing a voice for nature to speak to us.

The reflective and multi-faceted surface of the sculptures mirror a warped version of their surrounding environments. From the side, the Anemoi’s polished steel appears as if liquid metal moves through the air—a mirage or portal. From behind, they are abstract monuments standing in stark contrast to their environments in form and tone. The front of the sculptures are modelled on our likeness. The spirit of the wind personified.


The kinetic interaction between participants and the Anemoi provides a plane of engagement that incorporates both the art pieces and one of nature’s most intangible forces. The element of play, manifested in the manipulation of the sculptures and how they interact with the wind, encourages the participants to tune into their natural surroundings. It creates a conscious imprint of the often unconscious effect we have on nature, and vice-versa. It serves as a reminder that we are both on the earth and of the earth.


The Anemoi will stand as monuments to the power, beauty and importance of all natural elements. In particular, they will be an ode to the dynamism of the wind.


Studio Alexander Savvas