Alexander Savvas was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1989. Growing up exposed to Southern Africa’s diverse natural landscape, his connection to nature became intrinsic. To him, Johannesburg, the sprawling metropolis rich in biodiversity emphasised the competitive relationship between nature and man-made.

As a youth, Alexander spent a lot of time in the bush documenting the wild with photography and film. Attempting to capture the experience of it. Later studying photography and animation. He gained a keen understanding of light, composition and narrative. After completing his studies his focus shifted towards people and culture. This took him across continents, living in Central America, Asia and Europe. His photographic work is aimed at immersing viewers into raw visceral worlds different from their own. At times, limited by the interactive capacity of the medium. He sought out new and more engaging ways to communicate through his work. That pursuit led him to sculpture and installation. Creating large-scale, immersive, and sensorial experiences that instigate interaction and transform viewers into participants.

He uses concrete, metal and resin in industrial applications to achieve organic effects. The exploration of man-made technological elements and their distinction from what is considered natural is only part of his narrative. His work explores the more transcendent side of humanity. The paradox of mankind, viewing itself as both a part of, and apart from nature. How one impacts on their surroundings and how their surroundings impact them. He further challenges scientific ideals, understandings of reality and what is perceived to be possible. Aiming to have a philosophical impact on the people that engage with his work.